Estate Liquidation

Finding yourself in the situation to settle an estate is often rather daunting. For many years families and executors have been using auctioneers and the auction method to disperse the contents of an estate.  As Certified Estate Specialists our extensive knowledge and resources are invaluable assets in the liquidation of the estate, including the real estate, through auction or, on occasion, other means. We will assess your particular situation and make our recommendation as to which directions should be taken. With various forms of marketing we can bring together a crowd of interested buyers to compete with each other at the auction, thereby generating a maximum return on investment via the quickest, most hassle-free, method available.

What about my Real Estate?

There is more control, from the seller’s point of view, when selling the real estate at auction. As the seller you pick the date, the process in which to sell, and can choose a comprehensive marketing plan. The real estate is sold by way of a fast-paced competitive auction, and the buyer is responsible for the buyer’s premium (aka commissions.)

We are very successful at selling Real Estate at auction. If advertised with the personal property the real estate and contents benefit mutually from advertising. See our Real estate auctions page and please, feel free to call to set up a confidential appointment.