Our Certified Personal Property Appraisal Services Include: 

On-site examination, inventory, photography, market research, valuation and a final appraisal report. The document will have a description, age, measurement, condition, value and digital photograph of each item (or group of items). Appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Professional Valuations: 

Entire contents of home and outbuildings, special collections, antiques, firearms, furniture, jewelry, silver, estate vehicles, residential contents, business assets, machinery, equipment, etc.

Who needs a Certified Appraisal:  

Most of our appraisals are for estates resolution and guardianships. 

Any person or entity designated or appointed to liquidate, distribute or borrow/ loan against assets they are responsible for.

Appraisers at the Dudley team are in the market every day maintaining a high level of knowledge and reference materials needed to conduct a fair, accurate valuation of your assets.

Our fees are based on an assessment of complexity of appraisal. There is no fee for an initial confidential consultation.